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Raju Kumar & Aresedge Technology is an excellent designer. Very patient and flexible with the number of requests. He delivered very high-quality work and we already planning to work with him on a couple more projects already



It was a wonderful experience working with Raju Kumar & Aresedge Technology for my projects, I will refer everyone to them for any project.



Raju Kumar & Aresedge Technology has such excellent quality that he’s in very high demand and you sometimes have to schedule ahead, But his commitment is to each job and that’s his focus until it’s done right.



Great speed of service, the project was completed timely and within parameters. Raju Kumar & Aresedge Technology is very easy to deal with and has been consistent in delivering on expectations.



Raju Kumar & Aresedge Technology was wonderful to work with and completed the job successfully working through some difficult issues.

Mike Bryant


This was the complex section we requested Try on and Ecommerce section was in magento which is understood. Many vendors we tried for marker less but all denied and they reached and developed the product as required.


Director Business Development , Experience IT

Wooooooow! Fantastic. I saw the new page for the recruiter and I really love it now. It looks exactly like I wanted


Owner (Resumyx), Talentom Group LLC

We have gone the several round of changes but they are amazing and developed the product to a perfect level. Changes for them are really fun and they accept every change to make the project perfect.
Marscoder(Now Aresedge Technology) are the fourth App Developer we have engaged and in a very professional and timely manner did a perfect job first time correcting the errors of the previous developers. I will now stay with Marscoders for the foreseeable future. I an unable to recommend another organization with the same resource, abilities and professionalism

Alex Carter

Director , Durable Technologies Manufacturing Ltd

The starting was slow and they have worked hard to meet the deadlines. Added extra rsources and delivered the final project perfect working .

Hemant Kumar

Director , Elites Grid Pvt.Ltd.

Raju and his team is very professional, he has saved us alot, from some bad developers on PPH, He will be part of our team for a long time. he can even help some developers we hire if they are stuck without charges like many on PPH are just after money.. Raju you are a star, I hope this project will completed after so many months

James Orior

Director , 1shopmarket.com

Team was extremely helpful and delivered a great end product. The original specification had to be tweeked a bit due things that were discovered during the process. Raju was great at redesigning to come up with a complete solution. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the project too an awful lot longer than originally thought, even given these additional changes. i think if the project had bene better specified by me Raju would have been able to estimate the time required more accurately. overall very happy with my first experience of Peopleperhour.

Mike Asplin

Owner , http://asplins.co.uk