Looking to provide a table of UK Reg Num and Makes and return all of the data from the web page e.g. AA05AMA SMART. The critical field is the MOT due date, but ideally like all the data. Initial batch will be about 15,000 with monthly batches thereafter of 2,000.

To clarify looking for standalone technical solution that we can operate ourselves and not a manual process. It must be an upload of a bulk list that automatically processes and no additional keying as not practical.


The application developed using PHP/MYSQL/Javascript technology .

User restricted not to forward the videos and pdf pages till they did not spent complete time on the materials .

System manage timer and if system is idle then time stopped working and when resume timer start gain so forcing user to spend time on materials.

A mock test is conducted on the bases of studies done by candidate and if failed candidate have to go through the process again read material, pass the mock test .

Raju’s Team was extremely helpful and delivered a great end product. The original specification had to be tweeked a bit due things that were discovered during the process. Raju was great at redesigning to come up with a complete solution. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the project too an awful lot longer than originally thought, even given these additional changes. i think if the project had bene better specified by me Raju would have been able to estimate the time required more accurately. overall very happy with my first experience of Peopleperhour.

Mike Asplin

Owner ,

Technology used: PHP/Mysql

We harvested the data . admin can pass the numbrs either one by one or can upload fromexcel and data is saved in database. Admin is able to downlad as CSV or excel.


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