MOTEXPERT needed a mock practice system for their MOT Testers candidate . the system needed to be developed in a way that user ned to be forced to read the materials and watch videos

  1. User can not forward videos.
  2. Candidate can not change next page without spending time on the page.
  3. A final test need to be conducted on the bases of the material system supplied.
  4. Admin is able to create modules, upload materials, manage fees manual or automatically through payment gateways.


The application developed using PHP/MYSQL/Javascript technology .

User restricted not to forward the videos and pdf pages till they did not spent complete time on the materials .

System manage timer and if system is idle then time stopped working and when resume timer start gain so forcing user to spend time on materials.

A mock test is conducted on the bases of studies done by candidate and if failed candidate have to go through the process again read material, pass the mock test .

We have gone the several round of changes but they are amazing and developed the product to a perfect level. Changes for them are really fun and they accept every change to make the project perfect.
Marscoder(Now Aresedge Technology) are the fourth App Developer we have engaged and in a very professional and timely manner did a perfect job first time correcting the errors of the previous developers. I will now stay with Marscoders for the foreseeable future. I an unable to recommend another organization with the same resource, abilities and professionalism

Alex Carter

Director , Durable Technologies Manufacturing Ltd


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