Lighting Control Solution App IOS and Android


We have an existing IOS App DLC One that is used to configure lighting controls. We wish to have the Bluetooth updated to be fully automatic with the characteristics of the App LightBlue When searching for nearby iDim Orbits, the app should have the ability to restrict the number of  devices displayed in the discovery list based on the strength of the Bluetooth signal.Features to be developed.

  1. Live Status  Profile Page . Settings Sync Manage Files Page Scheduler


The App communicate with light sensor with the help of BLE protocol . The sensor has firmware and accept command from app and perform action.

Light control App is an application based room lighting control solution, providing energy savings and an intuitive user experience. Designed for simple installation and configuration, iDim Orbit quickly connects people to the lighting in a space.

Taking the term ‘multi-sensor’ to the next level with its great features, iDim Orbit includes 2x DALI broadcast outputs including DALI power supply, relay output, Bluetooth® module, time clock and light sensor.

We have gone the several round of changes but they are amazing and developed the product to a perfect level. Changes for them are really fun and they accept every change to make the project perfect.
Marscoder(Now Aresedge Technology) are the fourth App Developer we have engaged and in a very professional and timely manner did a perfect job first time correcting the errors of the previous developers. I will now stay with Marscoders for the foreseeable future. I an unable to recommend another organization with the same resource, abilities and professionalism

Alex Carter

Director , Durable Technologies Manufacturing Ltd


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