Elites Grid wanted to develop a portal where candiate preparing for MBA exam or government eams can practice mock test papers.

  1. candiate can buy packages
  2. Candidate Parctice free and paid papers.
  3. Admin should be able to cretae packages.
  4. Admin should be able to create test papers.


The application developed using PHP/MYSQL/larave and angular technology .

  • Candidate can buy yhe paackges and able to practice mock tests . There were different type of papers , sectional paper optional
  • papers with sections and mandatory sectional papers.
  • Candiate can move to other section after comepleting the time and can submit the paper after time comepleted.
  • Other sectional paer have option where candiate can jump to any section.
  • Admin can create various packages.
  • Admin is able to create discount coupons.
  • Admin is able to create papers
  • Admin is able to create varous exams and paper for it.
  • Admin is able to import papers from excel.
  • Mathematics editor used to create maths and science papers.

The starting was slow and they have worked hard to meet the deadlines. Added extra rsources and delivered the final project perfect working .

Hemant Kumar

Director , Elites Grid Pvt.Ltd.


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