Marker Less Try on Feature Development.


An E-Commerce   solution have be developed Where user can purchase products and manage inventory.

Another feature needed try on feature where user can try product live on webcam and check if the product fit its need. In market mostly marker based solution available and  Client requirements was to develop a solution where user do not have to print the mark and wear it . It was a problem in branding the product where user have  to wear marks and try the product. So a Marker less solution was requests.


A flash solution was already in market which needed to print the markers and then system recognized the marker object and replaced the item with the marker and catch its movement.
In a marker-based AR application the images (or the corresponding image descriptors) to be recognized are provided beforehand. In this case you know exactly what the application will search for while acquiring camera data (camera frames). Most of the nowadays AR apps dealing with image recognition are marker-based.

Marker less Solution achieved using html5 and WEBGL. The camera can detect out body parts likes eyes finger wrist. Using this technology we developed the solution and delivered the product. Developed for neckless , ear rings and Wrist for watch .

This was the complex section we requested Try on and Ecommerce section was in magento which is understood. Many vendors we tried for marker less but all denied and they reached and developed the product as required.


Director Business Development , Experience IT


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